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Exceptional Performance

The ATOS-VR has been designed as a competition glider for high cross-country performance and as well for an exceptional flight comfort. The adjustable V-tail, with angle of attack coordinated with the flap setting, gives the VR a great, well defined speedbar pressure over the whole range of speed.

Its particular calmness in thermal conditions allows fatigue-free flying.

The ATOS-VR has reinforced carbon composite spars, adding a sizable amount of stiffness to the wing and offering a comfortable flying in turbulent conditions or on fast finals. The certified hook-in weight is 140kg, enabling the use of a mosquito motor harness for the heavier pilots as well.

On request it is available with the full carbon keel.

The ATOS-VR is offered in two versions:

- Standard version with our long time approved Stormlite-sail

- Race version with our Technora sail

The Technora sail offers increased stiffness, resulting in higher sail tension, leading to a better defined aerofoil and less deformation at higher speeds. The VR with the Technora sail has a unique look.

Required Pilot Level

The ATOS VR has easy handling and due to the effective flaps good take-off and landing and stall characteristics. When set to maximum angle, these flaps make steep approaches and landings on the smallest field possible. At 15° they give the VR the extra lift for best climbing in narrow thermals.

The winglets, applied in the wing, improve the directional stability, leading to relaxed gliding at high speeds and perfectly coordinated turns while thermalling. The winglets also directly improve the performance by optimising the lift distribution, making the overall wing more effective.

It is suitable for ambitious pilots. With the optional full-carbon keel, it becomes a very comfortable

and competitive wing.

Specification comparison

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