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Light, Quiet and Powerful

The Atos Wing is an electric motor ultralight glider of the 120KG UL class (medical-exempt). The design of the construction is based on the ATOS hang glider wing, which has been tested and flown for over 20 years. This resulted in a worldwide network of dealers with 4,000 Hangglider and Trike Wings worldwide.

The aerodynamic design gives the Atos Wing performance exceptionally easy to use during thermal flight. The starting and landing distance is very short and you can take off even on less beaten runways.

By the max. range of approx. 300 km, the Atos Wing is suitable not only for thermal flying but also as an almost silent travel motor glider. The comfortable cockpit and wing structure are made of CFRP composite construction.

The low stall speed in connection with the very robust cockpit and the ballistic recovery systems combine for the pilot safety.

From the cockpit, the Atos Wing can be set up in about 15 minutes. All rudder connections remain fixed.

We are always looking forward to your interest and would like to introduce the Atos Wing to you in Buching or in your area.


Your A-I-R Atos Team



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