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The Lightest Model


ATOS VRS light

race keel

endumax sail


The ATOS-VRS light is the lightest model in the ATOS family. In the weight-optimized version without adjustable tail and with full-tech sail, it weighs just 35 kg. Designed for a max. hook-in weight of 85 kg, it appeals mainly to light pilots who value performance and good handling. There are two A-frames available: AIR-stream A-frame and a slightly smaller version, which makes it easier for smaller pilots to run during the take-off and landing. With the full carbon keel, it is possible to upgrade the VRS light to a competitive wing. Its short pack size also makes it the perfect travel companion.

Required Pilot Level

The ATOS VRS light has a smooth and easy handling. Due to its low weight and small A-frame, it also allows small and light pilots a safe ground handling and take-off/landing.

It is great for recreational pilots. Equipped with the optional adjustable V-tail,it will satisfy xc pilots as well. For the competition pilot, we also offer the latest Full-Carbon keel which provides an incredible stability and high flight comfort even in the strongest thermals .

Switching to the ATOS VRS is an easy one for the trained hang glider pilot. The high performance potential enables even the beginners to achieve long flight times, which speeds up the process of gaining the experience.

Specification comparison

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